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Cost of Living

Living in Spain will give you roughly 30% more in your pocket.

Fresh fruit and veg as well as Fish and Meat can be bought from local merchants or markets at the best prices, or for more convenient shopping try the Supermercardos which are still a third cheaper than UK supermarkets.

Due to the influx of British people on the Costas, all kinds of British products are now readily available. Hienz baked beans, English bacon and meat joints, Horlicks, frozen Yorkshire Puddings, Thai curry pastes, you name it it is now here. These products are usually the more expensive due to shipping costs and sometimes are as expensive as in the UK.

Cosmetic products such as make up and hairdyes are cheaper and all cleaning products are much more effective and also cost less.

All of this is mainly due to the inflated tax prices charged inside it UK.

General bills are also cheaper, including gas, water and electricity.

New cars are around 30% cheaper but strangely used cars are more expensive here than in the UK as they hold their value better due to a drier climate. This is, however, changing as more and more younger and older people enjoy the thriving economy brought by tourism, farming and industry. HOT PROPERTIES IN SPAIN.COM (established 2002) Fuente Alamo, 30320 Murcia Tel: UK: (+44) 7485 418 270 Spain (+34) 679 004 607 email: