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Spanish Lawyers (Abogados)

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We believe that it is essential to appoint a Spanish solicitor (Abogado) if you are going to buy a property in Spain. Property law is complex and all matters have to be written in Spanish therefore without a Spanish lawyer you will run the risk of problems.

Most people would not buy a UK house without a solicitor so the same rules apply in Spain.

You could appoint a UK solicitor but we don't advise it as it can be a complete waste of money. If you use a UK solicitor he will have to appoint a Spanish legal representative to act on his behalf in Spain to do all the land registry searches attend the Notary and provide the local knowledge and language that is essential. Therefore you will be paying for two lawyers and it will be more than twice as expensive yet you will still have to reply on the Spanish solicitor to do the work.

It is also a good idea to make a Spànish Will to cover your new asset.

In selecting a Spanish lawyer it is advisable to choose one that speaks fluent English and have staff that either are English or again speak it well.

You should also choose a lawyer that is independent of the vendor/developer/builder and who will act in only your best interests to avoid any conflict of interest.

We can provide a list of Spanish solicitors for you to choose from that our previous clients have recommended and who will meet the above criteria and may also have fees less than the normal 1% charged.

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