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Buying a Property in Spain

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There have not been many better times than now for buying a property in Spain because prices have fallen substantially since the peak of 2007. Although there are not as many bargains as there were six months ago it still remains a buyers market with a wide choice of properties. However this wide choice presents the buyer with a lot of research work to do which will take time and money to find that perfect property. These days buyers can do much of the research on the internet but in the end a visit or sometimes several visits have to be made and this is where the costs can start to mount up.

The selling price of all property in Spain, as in the UK, includes the estate agents commision. But Spanish estate agents have higher costs than their UK equivalents and so their sales commission is higher than the UK being normally 3%-6% included in the sales price.

We offer buyers a choice of the following two ways to buy your new Spanish property:

As in the UK we offer you a wide selection from our property portfolio where we are the estate agent acting on behalf of and being paid by the vendor. We will send you the property details by email and when you make a visit to Spain we will arrange the viewing appointments, meet you and take you to and show you around the different properties you have selected.

Or as an alternative we also offer:

Since 2002 we have successfully offered a unique Property Finding Service tailored to the buyer's exact requirements and with a guarantee to find a selction of properties that match the buyer's criteria at a lower price than could have been achieved using estate agents. 

As a personal property finder we are instructed by the buyer, so we act for the buyer and are not paid any fees by the seller. The benefits and cost savings of using our Personal Property Finding service are as follows:

  • We do all the work in searching the market for your ideal new home thereby saving you considerable time and money.
  • With our in depth market knowledge and experience we can suggest beautiful areas that you would otherwise never have considered.
  • Our service to you will be free because we will cut out the estate agents commission which is substantially higher than our fees.
  • In addition we will negotiate further reductions where possible to produce the lowest possible buying price.
  • Our service is first class and we will pass on to you considerable valuable information with regard to the area, the local amenities and on life in general in Spain. In addition we offer help with finding an independant solicitor, bank, mortgage, architect, surveyor, reliable, builder, gardener etc  should the need arise.

Based on your wish list and stated property requirements we conduct a thorough search to produce a short list of suitable properties. We then email these details and photos to you for your approval and repeat this process if necessary. Only when you are satisfied that we have found a good choice do you make a visit to Spain to view. If on this visit the short list of properties contains the right one for you then all well and good. However if our short list does not have just the right property for you then we will conduct a further seach (or searches) at no further cost to you until we do find the right one.

Once we have found the property that meets your approval we then hold your hand all the way through the buying process. From finding you an independent English speaking solicitor and bank with English speaking staff. We will be there for you or with you right up and beyond when you get the keys at the Notary. We are proud of our reputation as an ethical agent who "goes that extra mile" to ensure we offer a truly first class service. If the property is new we attend site meetings with the builders on your behalf and regularly send you photos of the progress of the build.

The cost of our Personal Property Finding Service is much less than buying in the usual way through estate agents because we guarantee to save the buyer considerably more than our fees which makes our service free.

All properties include a selling cost which in Spain is higher than the UK because the costs of running an estate agency in Spain are higher than the UK. Therefore included in the asking price are the estate agents commission which usually ranges between 3%-6% and in certain cases even more. So once we have cut out the agents commission we will have already achieved for you a lower cost. This saving can be further increased as our experience allows the possibilty of negotiating further reductions on your behalf.

Our fees are 1.5% of the contract price net of tax due only if you decide to buy.(Minimum fee is €2,000)

Of this 1.5% we require a small retainer of €480, to cover the cost of a thorough search, with the balance only being due if contracts are exchanged. In reality to do it yourself will take several weeks of surfing the net. Then you will need to make a visit or several visits to view sufficient numbers of properties in each area to come close to what we will achieve for you. All this will cost much, much more than the €480 cost of our professioanl service.

Finding the right Spanish Property for you!

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